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Authorized Retailers

Dragonpad USA Authorized Retailers

We are pleased to be working with they are considered to be the #1 e-commerce site with fulfillment centers around the world. They are dedicated to their customer satisfaction.

Norms Music

Norm’s Music is Brooklyn’s ONLY full service music store for over 30 years! We opened up in 1981 as a small, family run business and have grown steadily with our “family” of customers. We still have the small store feel and ideals, but with all the professional product lines that you want.

All in Music

All Music has been serving Long Island, NY and the surrounding areas musical community since 1984. Located in Plainview, NY and now Hauppauge, NY, we carry a huge selection of guitars, amps, effects, keyboards, band and orchestra instruments, sheet music and accessories.

Neti Shop

Neti Shop is renown for their expertise in E-commerce and logistics. Located on the east coast, Neti Shop is one of our leading e-commerce partners with authorization to sell on 3rd party platforms and markets.

Rock The Mic

Rock Data Industries  is known for their brand building capabilities. Employing many years of experience. OSD is a proud partner of Dragonpad USA and one of our few authorized sellers on 3rd party platforms.

Edestiny Inc

Logistics! Logistics! Logistics! EDestiny Inc is the brainchild of a few E-commerce veterans with a focus on creating seamless logistical processes and product presentations.

USA Exclusive Authorized Distributors

We are proud to have partnered with Maplewood Enterprises and Edestiny Inc as our exclusive distributors within the continental USA. A company spanning the entire United States; These Distributors have the infrastructure we can rely on to deliver a stellar product to the hands of the consumer. Headquartered in NY &  LA  with fulfillment centers across the US, Maplewood & Edestiny inc is our  US distributors and they have earned our trust. We are thrilled to have them as our partner.

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